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 Interested in Splitties restored or un - restored from Brazil?

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PostSubject: Interested in Splitties restored or un - restored from Brazil?   Fri 01 Jul 2016, 10:49 pm

Thumbing through the countless pages of Face Book Christmas morning I found what for many, at least the ones that have the $$ might be a best Christmas present of the year...

A gentleman by the name of Fred Roodt had posted on the Vintage Volkswagen Club page the following:
(Please note, I have only posted his first name. If your interested in more info please check out our face book pages for the shared link.)
Fred wrote:
The proud owner of this 1973 Splitty here in Brazil supports his family selling fruits, I bought fruit from his stall today Believe it or not but the majority of these Splittys belongs to people in your lower income group therefore Its easy to pick them up at good prices .For those interested I have access to plenty of these Splitties restored or un - restored I can send pictures of ones available and of the workshop where they are being Restored
you are also welcome to come to Brazil to see the set up for yourself and the export system in place .

Then followed with the following:
Fred wrote:
In response to my earlier post in which some of you wanted more pictures on what is available from Brazil , here is some restored and un- restored ones .Once again I stress that I can help with the purchase and shipping and arrangement of the shipping The ideal situation would be if interested parties make the trip to Brazil to see what is available and to get to know the restoration workshop and shipping procedures and regulations
Un Restored ones can range from $6,000 - $8,000 in very good running condition rust free and restored ones can range from $10,000 - $15,000

You also need to take into consideration, "Exportation & Importation co$t!" Wink

And for anyone that noticed this: 1973 Splitty we are talking about Brazil, where they were made for several years!
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Interested in Splitties restored or un - restored from Brazil?
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