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 1957 VW 23 window Samba, Underwater since 1973

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PostSubject: 1957 VW 23 window Samba, Underwater since 1973   Fri 02 Jan 2015, 10:25 am

I remember hearing about this, but never seen any more than a couple of pics of the bus being pulled from the water.

The Samba is rescued from the fjord. It had been down there 36 years!
This 1957 Deluxe bus was found underwater in a Norweigen Fjord in 2003 following a tip off from the guys who put it there in 1973 after it being used as a hotel bus.

Before it was dumped into the water:

Apparently it was common to push old vehicles into the drink when they were no longer needed. This Samba merely had a gearbox problem, so off it went, filled with crap and bottles to help it sink quicker! Most of the junk inside had to be removed by divers because the bus couldn't be lifted weighing what it did!

Anyway,in 2003 the guy on the quest to own this, Morten Lunt sent divers down and a mini ROV Sub with camera. The Samba was parked face down at a depth of 15 meters. Luckily the owner was still alive so Morten was able to get the bus signed ovwer to him so all was legal and above board. He ended up getting the bus for free, only having to pay for recovery.

So out of the drink it came in 2009 and apart from frontal damage caused by the initial plunge and from some old stoves being dumped after it(To the rear), it's fared well considering.
The bus was filled with some 300 full bottles of water to enable it to sink easier hence the messy looking interior!The owner is now going to try and get it back on the road as soon as he can!

Check out the way the gearbox and engine crankcase dissolved!

below is the link to all 34 pictures I found of the bus, and one of the Crane used to extract the bus.


After pic of the bus:

Some will say why bother, but with prices so high for one of these early buses perhaps it's worth the effort?

Weather you agree or think it's worth doing with this old bus or not, you gotta take your hat off to him for his determination and hardcore enthusiasm alone!
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1957 VW 23 window Samba, Underwater since 1973
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